Intelligent Management System
GZIFC spares no effort to create a humanized office environment. It introduces the intelligent technology in the building lighting, energy management, security and escape system, to meet the double demand of the residents for the humanized care and business functions of high-end business buildings.
The Scope Of Intelligent Systems Engineering Includes 19 Subsystems

Intelligent integration system

Computer network and voice system

Public broadcast and emergency broadcast system

Cable TV and satellite receiving system

Public information system

Meeting system

Video security monitoring system

Intrusion alarm system

Access control system

E-card system

Wireless inspection system

Parking lot management system

Wireless intercom system

Video doorphone system

Building equipment monitoring system

Intelligent lighting control system

Energy management system

Engineering of electronic equipment plant

Fire escape system

Air Conditioning
Electric power
Fire safety
Air Conditioning
Provision Of Water Chiller
Total capacity is 11,200 tons of refrigeration, including 8 sets of 1,200 tons of refrigeration, 2 sets of 650 tons of refrigeration and 1 set of 300 tons of refrigeration.
Each office floor is equipped with two air conditioning units and 54 VAV boxes installed in the core cylinder room. The fresh air system is designed, with the external air conditioning mode provided.
Design Parameters Of Air
Conditioning In Standard
Floor Of Office Area

Noise decibel: ≤NC-40

Fresh air quantity:
30m3 per hour per person

VAV Box density: 1/35m2

Fresh air supply time: 24 hours

Cooling Supply By
Dual Cold Sources

Self-provided chiller for

Centralized cold supply
source in the region

Energy Conservation And Environment Protection

Heat recovery design

VAV design

Apply the refrigerating unit with high energy efficiency

The central air-conditioning water subsystem adopts
the design of large temperature difference to reduce the
pump power and shrink the diameter of the water pipe

Reduce the resistance of the water supply and ventilation

The foamed glass is used as insulation material
for hot and cold water pipes: the condensed water of
the air conditioning system is recycled to save energy

Variable frequency design of secondary pump is
applied to change the pump motor, reduce the water flow
and pump power according to the change of system pressure

Health Concept
The BA system is selected as air quality sensor. The fresh air volume can be controlled according to the indoor CO2 concentration, which can not only ensure the requirements of indoor personnel on fresh air, but also reduce the energy consumption. The photocatalytic technology is used to arrangement of cooling water and indoor air circulation processes so as to kill the bacteria effectively, isolate the dust and impurities, purify the air, and guarantee the quality of the indoor air. The primary and medium efficient filter is used to ensure the indoor air quality.
Elevator System
The original and imported world famous elevator brands Otis and Schindler are provided, and even 8 sets of internationally leading double-platform high-speed shuttle elevators are introduced in the office area, with the maximum speed up to 8 meters per second, saving the time effectively and improving the carrying capacity, realizing the safe and efficient vertical transportation services for business people.
Electric Power
Three Power Supply Circuits Provide The Multiple Safeguards
Main electric power of the main tower facilities is provided by the local power supply system, including 10-loop 10KV municipal power supply (6 main supply circuits and 4 standbys), 6 sets of 1500KW standby generator sets. Multiple transformers work together and act as mutual standby to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of the building. The fuel reserve in the oil cylinder is enough for the conventional generator to run at full load for 8 hours, providing the tenants with worry-free power protection.
Basic Power Supply
The power distribution can be divided into the main building power distribution system and three-phase five-wire distribution system. A distribution box is provided each partition in standard floors, where the distribution of the office floor is 80w/m2, the working voltage of the building is 380/220v, and the electromechanical control protection is mainly provided in the main machine room.
Standby Power Supply
6 sets * 1500kW, totally 9000kW for standby generator set
One dedicated generator for tenants
One standby refrigerating generator
Two generators are provided for hotel and equipment
Communication System
GZIFC applies multiple communication system. The capacity and space required by telecom data service can accommodate three major domestic telecom operators, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. These three operators provide the tenants with professional services independently.
DDN and ISDN are the main suppliers of data transmission facilities. The residents can take advantage of the broadband network of the building or the dedicated lines of telecom operators directly. The integrated wiring system in the building is independently invested by the owners, so as to avoid the repeated construction by operators and facilitate the optimization management and the provision of quality services.
TBE switching room is equipped with the communication fiber and air conditioning. CAT6 transmission system is adopted in the horizontal network to realize the high-speed transmission of information. All broadband interfaces in the building are reserved in the weak-current wells on the floors. Multiple gigabit access ports are provided in each space.
In terms of satellite communications, GZFC building has reserved three rooms for the placement of satellite antennas, enabling unimpeded communication with the rest of the world.
Intelligent Fire
Escape System

The evacuation indicating lamp adopts the intelligent emergency evacuation indication and control system. The exit indicating lamp is with the stroboscopic and voice functions; the direction indicating lamp comes with steerable and stroboscopic functions. In case of any dangerous condition, the stairway exit in the dangerous area will be closed; while the exit light in the safe area will provide the voice prompts in both Chinese and English.At the same time the arrow of the emergency indicating lamp will change from pointing to the dangerous area to pointing at the safe area. so as to avoid the people from entering the dangerous area. The system can make the best evacuation path according to the specific location of the fire, to guide the personnel to escape from the dangerous area safely and quickly.

The main tower adopts the distributed optical fiber temperature sensing system. The refuge floor is arranged reasonably through computer simulation to ensure a safe evacuation; the best fire alarm facilities are provided, including the advanced leakage fire alarm system, fiber optic temperature alarm system, intelligent emergency evacuation system, intelligent emergency broadcast system, automatic fire alarm and leakage system; smoke control is achieved through the reasonable determination of the smoke outlet distribution and the use of low-smoke halogen free materials; the fire rescue system is reliable, and a total of 600m3 of water is all stored in the roof pond, so that the gravity flow can be used to extinguish the fire in case of power supply interruption and equipment damage.

Security System
Guangzhou International Financial Center possesses a very safe intelligent security system. The intelligent access management system can control the access of all persons in and out of the building, and the intelligent security system can monitor every corner of the building for 24 hours. The security gates are installed in the entrance of the building to prevent the people entering the building from carrying dangerous goods.
Access Management System
The access management system is provided to manage the exit and entry of building staff, visitors and construction personnel. All personnel can access to the authorized floor with IC card.
Security System
The fire monitoring center performs a 24-hour monitoring of the common area of the building. The security system in the monitoring center includes closed-circuit television monitoring system, access control system, burglar alarm system, patrol system, etc.
Security Gate
The building is equipped with security gates to improve the building security capability and safety operation management.