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Jan 22th, 2003
Confirmation Of Guangzhou International Financial Center Project
In the Zhujiang New Town planning prepared in 1993, the Twin Towers were located in the north of Zhujiang New Town, which were moved to the south of the Pearl River in a new round of planning on January 22nd, 2003. Such an adjustment to present a kind of rhythmic beauty of the building skyline. From CITIC Tower to Tianhe Sports Center, and to the super high-rise building Twin Towers, the new central axis presents a magnificent undulating momentum.
Nov 9th, 2004
“Transparent Crystal” Scheme Won The Selection
12 domestic and foreign design units participated in the bidding for Twin Towers. After several rounds of voting and public votes, the “transparent crystal” scheme by British Wilson Eyre Architects won the competition.
Sept 20th, 2005
Yuexiu Property Won The Bidding
On August 10, 2005, Guangzhou Municipal Government issued a public tender notice for IFC land parcel. Six real estate giants including Fuli, Evergrande, Yuexiu, New World, Sun Hung Kai and Shanghai Summit participated in the bidding for Guangzhou International Financial Center. In the end, Yuexiu Property won the land through the joint bidding with Guangzhou City Construction & Development Co., Ltd.
Dec 26th, 2005
Ground Breaking
Guangzhou IFC broke the ground to carry out the excavation and foundation pit support works.
Jun 6th, 2007
Rise Straight From The Ground
The basement work of Guangzhou IFC project was completed and the upper engineering started. Thus, the 103-floor “crystal building” grew day by day on people’s eyes. Total project duration was 1007 calendar days, realizing the new world record speed for "one floor constructed in two days".
Dec 31th, 2008
Smooth Capping Of Guangzhou IFC
On May 29, 2008, the first glass curtain wall was installed. In order to achieve the transparent crystal shape, more than 10,000 glass curtain walls with hidden frames were put on the main tower as exquisite coats. On December 31st, 2008 Guangzhou IFC was successfully capped. It took Zhang Guangning, Mayor of Guangzhou, seven minutes and a half in an engineering elevator to get to the rooftop of Guangzhou IFC, and personally wield a shovel of the same concrete that eventually filled up Guangzhou IFC.
Oct, 2012
Inject Yuexiu REIT
Guangzhou IFC successfully injected Yuexiu REIT fund.
Sept 26th, 2012
Comprehensive Opening
Top Grade Office Buildings, Five-Star Super Luxury Four Seasons Hotel, Friendship Shopping Mall, Ascott Service Apartment and International Meeting of Guangzhou IFC were comprehensively opened.
Launch of The 6S Star Service And Super High-Rise Building Security Management System
Guangzhou IFC established the “6S Star Service System” with the core values of smile, efficiency, professionalism, safety, customization, and sharing as well as the “Landmark Super High-Rise Building Security Management System”, which set up a new height for Chinese business landmarks.
May 5th, 2016
The Mall Was Upgraded And Renamed IFC Shopping Mall
The commercial podium mall in Guangzhou International Finance Center (Guangzhou IFC) – IFC Shopping Mall appeared with a new positioning “New Landmark of Elite Life”. The area adjusted this time included the fourth floor, the fifth floor, and some region in the underground first floor of the original podium mall, with a total area of 13,800 square meters, increasing the experience of catering, convenient living facilities and other supporting formats.
Dec, 2017
LEED V4 EBOM Platinum Certification Was Received.
With a total score of 88, Guangzhou IFC was awarded the LEED platinum certification, which is the first super-high-rise landmark project in China to obtain the LEED platinum certification in the operational phase under LEED V4 standard.
Premium Service & Excellent Experience
The 6S star service was upgraded again and the “double-premium service” brand was put forward, committed to bring customers a superior, pleasant and memorable six-star service experience .
Jun 6th, 2018
Sharing Guangzhou IFC Was Launched
The information service platform of mobile WeChat terminal, “YUE XIANG GUANGZHOU IFC”, was launched to help the intelligent office upgrade of Guangzhou International Financial Center.
Nov, 2018
Opening Of YUE SPACE
Guangzhou IFC sharing office “YUE SPACE” was officially opened.
March, 2019
Introduction Of BOMA International Commercial Property Operation Standards
Guangzhou IFC accepted the assessment of BOMA assets operation management efficiency (BAR©) favorably, and stepped the first step towards the Certificate of Excellence (COE) in building management.
Nov 1st, 2019
Boma China COE certification
Guangzhou IFC,had become the first landmark building in south China with an international operation management system ,which was the first BOMA certified REITs asset project in Asia. In the survey of tenant satisfaction, it ranked the first among super high-rise buildings in China.