GuangZhou IFC
Total area of used land
Total floor area
Height of the main building
Total number of floors
Guangzhou International Financial Center (GZIFC), also known as Guangzhou West Tower, is located in the southwest of Zhujiang New Town. It is close to the Pearl River Avenue on the East and borders with Huaxia Road on the West, while on the South and North are separately Huajiu Road and Huacheng Avenue, it is in the central axis of the new city center. The West Tower is close to the City Children's Palace, Library, Opera House, Museum, Haixinsha, etc., surrounded by five-star hotels and high-end office buildings. As a top business landmark of Guangzhou's 21st Century City Business District (CBD), Guangzhou IFC integrates the world's most advanced construction and management technologies to create a world-class city business complex.
Investment Developer
Introduction Of Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust Fund (Yuexiu REIT Fund)
Stock Code: 405.HK
Yuexiu REIT Fund (HK: 00405), listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on December 21, 2005, is the first listed real estate investment trust in the world to invest in the properties of China mainland. Now, it owns eight major commercial properties in the core business areas of the central cities in China, with a total property area of 969,000 m2. So far, total assets of Yuexiu REIT Fund has increased to RMB 35.8 billion after it merged and acquired Guangzhou IFC successfully in 2012, stepped out of Guangzhou and entered Shanghai in 2015; acquired the tallest building Yuexiu Wealth Center which entered the Wuhan market successfully in 2017;implemented the “go in and come out” strategy in 2018; completed the selling of Yuexiu New Metropolis project for the first time in 13 years, and acquired Hangzhou Victoria Business Center, recycling the capital successfully.
International Landmark
As a landmark building in South China, Guangzhou IFC is magnificently located at the core of urban traffic artery, making it the window connecting the South China, Asia-Pacific Region, and even the world.
As the South Gate of China and the national central city, Guangzhou has become the high-end customer base in South China.
After more than 10 years of development, Guangzhou CBD – Zhujiang New Town has become a place gathering international financial institutions and well-known enterprises, and the most dynamic, radiant and attractive CBD in Guangzhou.
Three subway lines meet here, numerous bus stations, taxi stations and dedicated parking drop-off areas also gather nearby, in order to connect the three core economic and business circles in Guangzhou rapidly.
The urban light rail and the express way access to the high-speed rail and airport. It takes 8 minutes to get to Guangzhou East Railway Station, and 45 minutes to get to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,to achieve the seamless connection with international business activities easily.
Safety And Reliability
Safety Design
For the first time in the world,The tube-in-tube structure system composed of a giant oblique grid outer cylinder made of concrete-filled steel tube and concrete inner cylinder is adopted, and it creates a standard design for international super-tall building with enough seismic stiffness and excellent wind and seismic resistant performance. Only local failure will occur but it will not collapse due to chain reaction even in case of emergency, such as collision, fire and explosion. The structure is totally and fully safe.
Network Security
It applies the advanced intelligent optical fiber network, security management system and building intelligent monitoring system.
Power Supply System
Main electric power of the main tower facilities is provided by the local power supply system, including 10-loop municipal 10KV power supply (6 main supply circuits and 4 standbys), 6 sets of 1500KW standby generator sets. Multiple transformers work together and act as mutual standby to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of the building. The fuel reserve in the oil cylinder is enough for the conventional generator to run at full load for 8 hours, providing the tenants with worry-free power protection.
Cooling Supply By Dual Cold Sources
Centralized cold supply source in the region and self-provided cold supply source.
Privileged Vision
Exclusive View
Unique arc triangle structure with hidden frame glass curtain wall makes you possess 360° broad horizon and truly realize the seamless communication with the global vision.
Environmental Friendly
And Comfortable
Double Silver LOW-E Glass Curtain Wall
The application of world’s leading double-layer double-silver LOW-E insulated glass curtain wall with low reflection and high transparency can not only insulate the heat and reduce the noise effectively, but it also reduces the energy consumption and lighthen the pollution of the surrounding buildings effectively.
Over 3m Net Height
The cross composite beam suitable for the large-span structure can achieve a floor height of over 3 meters. The wide space pattern brings more optimized space design and configuration, and infuses the business elites with endless creative vitality.
Sufficient Fresh Air, Energy Conservation And Sterilization
The sufficient fresh air exchange, fresh air heat exchange, and photocatalyst sterilization central air conditioning system are adopted to save energy, protect the environment, carry out the effective sterilization and purify the air to ensure the indoor air quality.
LEED V4 EBOM Platinum Certification
It is the first super high-rise project in China obtains the EBOM platinum certification with V4 standard.
Premium Service & Excellent Experience
Guangzhou International Financial Center adopts the modern business model of “unified management” to guarantee the quality of the clients and the maintenance of hardware facilities. The project is under the unified management of Guangzhou Yuexiu City Construction Jones Lang LaSalle Property Management Co., Ltd., responsible for property management services in the whole course, in order to provide the tenants with 24-hour all-round high quality property service with the world-class service concept and management facilities.
All-round Urban Complex
Top Grade
Office Buildings
The office building leading international standards is endowed with the design concepts of green, low carbon, and intelligence. The 360° view, 132 high-speed elevators, and super standard of hardware facilities in the whole building provide the new standard definition of international office in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou Four
Seasons Hotel
Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotel, a much-anticipated fashionable landmark sits on the 30 floors at the top of 103F main tower of Guangzhou International Finance Centre (IFC). Standing on the beautiful Pearl River, it possesses the favorable geographical position as the third largest city and the center of economic growth in China. Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotel has 344 luxurious rooms and suites, 6 elegant restaurants and bars with unique styles, the top meeting places in the city, and the private flower spa, implying a kind of distinguished and exalted quality in the core area of Zhujiang New Town.
Ballrooms of Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, South Podium
The hotel has 3 ballrooms and 8 multifunctional meeting halls in the ultimate luxurious level of the city, equipped with all kinds of advanced technical equipments. No matter which group activitie or type of business meetings, the professional team of Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotel can carry out elaborate plans and arrangements for you.
Ascott Service
(7-28/F of attached building)
Guangzhou International Financial Center Ascott Service Apartment is operated and managed by Ascott co., Ltd., the world’s largest international service apartment owner and operator, to provide a warm home for people working or living around the world.
Shopping Mall
The podium building is equipped with the high-end shopping mall, and Guangzhou Friendship Group is introduced to operate the high-end boutique department stores, providing international luxury brand stores, high-end restaurants, banks and financial chain institutions and other high-end business facilities to meet the commercial and leisure demands of international business people.