How to continue the passion of Double Eleven? Come YUE Space and fine out the way!

Inheriting the DNA of Yuexiu, YUE Space aims to create the perfect professional services and present the office space full of surprises to the world through diversified modern design, extraordinary supporting facilities, and the collection of industrial cutting-edge resources, so as to provide the most worry-free, intimate, comfortable, convenient office experience for enterprises.

YUE Space Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Tower

Now, it has opened amazingly

Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Building YUE Space is located in the most prosperous CBD business circle, and the top grade intelligent office buildings possess the most open landscape in the city center.


One and a half layer space including the public area on the 35th floor and the coffee house on the 36th floor belongs to the supporting area of YUE Space. The office area has a building area of about 1000 square meters, provided with the independent office space, open office space and three meeting rooms.

Name: Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Building YUE Space

Area: about 1000m2

Address: 35, 36F, Zhujiang East Road 28, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City

Premium service hotline: 88831666

Price: RMB 1880/ member/ month


Sky City Reception Room in the 35th floor is provided with nearly eight meters of floor-to-ceiling glass, let people enjoy the view of the complete central axis of Zhujiang New Town, and the colorful vision is fully exposed. Rows of floor-to-ceiling glass windows introduce abundant daylighting, showing much more vitality.

Flexible Office Space

Warm and comfortable modern design

Eliminate the exhaustion of the job

Forget the noise of the city

Outstanding Office Facilities

YUE Space possesses a series of unique meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are all equipped with Maxhub intelligent meeting system

Integrate the HD display, touch writing, wireless transmission screen

Remote meeting platform, rich office applications

Minimize the communication costs and improve the meeting efficiency

Enhance your office experience with pleasant details

Considerate Living Facilities

In the elegant coffee and tea break space

Enjoy the high-quality hand-made coffee and exquisite tea break at any time

Taste the amazing flavor from all over the world

Quiet and comfortable reading area

24-Hour Gym and Massage Chair

Help to relax your body and mind, relieve fatigue and restore balance

YUE Space Guangzhou fortune plaza

Now has been unveiled

Located in Tiyu East Road famous as “Guangzhou Wall Street”, Guangzhou Fortune Plaza YUE Space enjoys the convenient transportation and elegant environment, with several domestic and foreign major banking institutions around it, and Tianhecheng Square, Hongcheng Square, Guangzhou Book Shopping Center and other large high-end consumption places are in the core business area.

Name: Guangzhou Fortune Plaza YUE Space

Area: 500m2

Address: Floor 7, No. 114-118, Tiyu East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Premium service hotline: 88831666

Price: RMB 1880/ member/ month


YUE Space office area is 500 square meters, provided with independent office area and open office area, which can accommodate 70 people at the same time. A total of 5 meeting rooms are arranged, three of them can make into a meeting room about 180m2 for 150 people or so.

Turn Daily WorkInto A wonderful Journey

Work environment is closely related to work efficiency

YUE Space takes the lively pink and elegant blue as dominant tone

Render the space with color to present a lively theme


Opening The Door Of New Office

Open office space

Bring you better communication and collaboration experience

Open vision leads to a more open imagination

Open office space

Bring you better communication and collaboration experience

Open vision leads to a more open imagination

Intelligent Office System

YUE Space takes full account of

The importance of intelligent office system to office work

Help users to work efficiently

Easy to Embrace The All-weather Perfect Office Experience

In YUE Space

Able to access all intelligent office resources easily

e.g., access control system, meeting room management

Screen projection control, printing management and basic configuration

Enjoy the smooth wireless office anytime and anywhere

Let every second of work be happy

YUE Space applies a new office model

Satisfy all your dreams about a great office

Work should not be synonymous with tedium,

but an essential part of a living

full of vitality and efficiency

Let`s enjoy our work!