This is a place close to dreams, and this is Guangzhou IFC

Located in the CBD core of Zhujiang New Town, it has infinite prosperity,

There are boiling crowds and imperishable lights here,

There are flowers, dreams, and applause,

This is a place close to the success,

This is Guangzhou International Finance Centre (Guangzhou IFC)

Guangzhou IFC

Transparent crystal heads into the clouds

As one of the representative buildings of CBD in South China, Guangzhou International Finance Centre (“Guangzhou IFC” or “West Tower” for short) is magnificently located at the core of urban traffic artery, making it the window connecting the South China, Asia-Pacific Region, and even the world. It is the “transparent crystal” standing on the bank of Pearl River.

Guangzhou IFC covers an area of 31,000 square meters, with a total floor area of 456,000 square meters, and the building height is 440.75 meters with 103 floors. The exterior design of the building came from British Wilson Eyre Architects and was executed by Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT.

Guangzhou IFC applies the unique shape and the hyperbolic curved triangle structure to enjoy the 360° wide field of vision by cooperating with the whole hidden frame glass curtain wall. The innovative giant oblique grid support system and the tube-in-tube structure system can resist the attack of strong wind and earthquake effectively. The combination of high-speed high-capacity special double-platform shuttle elevator and high-end brand high-speed elevator, environmentally-friendly double-silver LOW-E insulated glass curtain wall, high-speed fiber network, intelligent management, three-way power supply, double cooling sources, and sufficient fresh air volume define the new international office standards.

“Transparent crystal” is designed based on main idea of curve shape and the transparent smooth building façade. The gradient width is applied to form the small part at both ends and big part in the middle, with the widest position at the height of 1/3, revealing the spindle shape of the building.

The structure of Guangzhou IFC applies the giant oblique grid support system, presenting a flowing geometric pattern and generating a visual contrast to the floor division and curtain wall system. The structure of “diamond shaped oblique grid” is reduced in size gradually with the height of the tower, and such extension design shows a visual effect of “heading into the clouds”.

The external walls of the building are made of insulated double-layer LOW-E glass. The nano-coated glass can transmit the light selectively. Such kind of material can withstand 70% of the sunlight so as to isolate the solar radiation. The heat transfer coefficient of the glass is 50% lower than that of ordinary glass. Compared with the ordinary glass, the external wall of the building can reduce 40% of heat from entering into the room and lower the operational energy consumption. In addition, the semi-toughened laminated and insulated LOW-E glass can reduce the self-detonation rate and the laminated layer can ensure that the glass will not fall off.

In 2018, it survived the powerful typhoon “Mangosteen” with a category of 15 together with Guangzhou. According to its scientific wind-proof and earthquake resistant structure, it managed to survive unscathed.

Guangzhou IFC

A masterpiece, a glory

As one of the representative buildings in Guangzhou and even South China, Guangzhou IFC is a masterpiece building of Zhujiang New Town and carries a lot of honors.

In 2012,

Received the Royal Institute of British Architects Lubetkin Prize

In 2013,

Won the Luban Gold Award

In 2015,

Passed the evaluation of Tianhe CBD sustainable building,

And continued to pass the certification every year.

In 2017,

Obtained the LEED platinum certification officially,

Became the first super-high-rise landmark building in China to obtain the LEED platinum certification under LEED V4 standard.

Guangzhou IFC

Premium Service & Excellent Experience

As the great property steward of Guangzhou IFC, Guangzhou Yuexiu City Construction Jones Lang LaSalle Property Management Co., Ltd. (“Yuexiu JLL” for short) performs the unified management, and keeps the service spirit of ingenuity, innovates services constantly, makes perfection more perfect, and provides customers with the world-class international property services under the world-class service concept, and brings superior, joyful and unforgettable premium service experience to customers.

[Equipment Matching]

Comfortable, environmental friendly, efficient, intelligent

Green and healthy business office experience

Guangzhou IFC strives to create a comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly office environment. The fresh air filtration, air circulation and photocatalytic sterilization technology are used to ensure that the indoor concentration of harmful gases is far lower than the national standard, allowing you to enjoy a safer, more comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy quality environment.

Scientific and environment-friendly design creates comfortable office space

Guangzhou IFC adopts the insulated double-silver LOW-E floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall with a full hidden frame to ensure that each unit has a good view of the landscape, meanwhile blocks the ultraviolet light effectively and guarantees the comfort of indoor space.

High-speed elevator assists the efficient office

Guangzhou IFC selects the internationally advanced high-speed elevators to ensure the waiting time will be no longer than 30 seconds, making your office experience more efficient. In addition, the elevator is equipped with the remote management system to monitor the real-time elevator condition, making your office experience more secure.

Intelligent fire protection ensures the safety

Guangzhou IFC has the most complete fire alarm equipment and the most complete fire extinguishing system in South China. As a super high-rise fire safety demonstration unit recognized by National Emergency Management Department, Guangzhou IFC ensures the safety of life and property of building customers with the highest level of fire safety management in China.

Innovative parking system, intelligent and efficient

Equipped with the innovative intelligent facilities such as parking guidance system, reverse homing system, license plate recognition system and electronic payment system, Guangzhou IFC provides owners with much more convenient and efficient parking experience. In addition, it also provides the exquisite and professional parking services such as emergency tire inflation and emergency battery connection.

[Premium Service]

Professional, intimate and sharing

It possesses the “double-premium service system” based on the upgrade of 6S star service, so as to bring everyone a better service experience through a higher service concept.

The top team creates the global professional services

It is equipped with a top professional team. All property service personnel undergo the strict and professional training and are able to provide Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and other languages service, and its international standards make the service more intimate.

24-hour careful safety management escorts for the customers

7*24 hours of uninterrupted security management and the central monitoring system, identification system, information uploading system and other advanced equipment to monitor the real-time safety condition of the building. At the same time, provide the strict personnel and goods access management, and regular fire safety training and inspection services to customers to ensure the personal and property safety.

Strict management to ensure safety and reliability

Complete miniature fire station, well trained 24-hour emergency team and professional firefighting team to ensure the safe and reliable firefighting

Risk management: perfect risk management system, scientific recognition and effective management of daily operation risks to guarantee safe environment of office work

Contingency plan: scientific contingency plan system (reviewed and put on file by Guangzhou City Security Rescuing Command Center) to guarantee emergency can be orderly disposed in high efficiency

Delicacy management, absolutely safe running of equipment

Regularly monitor the running of equipment and facilities and make short-term, medium-term and long-term preventive maintenance plan to ensure the safe, smooth and efficient running of equipment and provide the customers with worry-free environment of office work.

Diversified public space to make the best sensual experience

Guangzhou IFC advocates people-oriented approach that puts customers’ experience in the first place.

With senior flower experts and aromatherapists, we provide our customers with a variety of sensual experience quarterly.

Intimate service to promote the balance between work and life.

Intimate and value-added service provides more convenience and surprise to you. The cozy maternity room provides extra care to our working mommies. Colorful M SPACE brings you more leisure space over your busy office life.

At many people’s hearts,

Guangzhou IFC is more than just a place to work.

Premium Service & Excellent Experience

Guangzhou IFC never stops in pursuit of better service and experience.