Public free tickets/ The show will give you a new understanding of the symphony

Did you hear about those free tickets?

Did you  hear that you can go into the concert hall and listen to the symphony and relevant explanation for free?

That’s right! Annual “Walk into Symphony and Meet in Concert Hall” is about to open!

Last year, the event held for the first time in Xinghai Concert Hall received the overwhelming response with the ticket booked from official micro-blog. This year, Xiaojin won 40 tickets for you!

What concert?

Who can get the ticket?

How to get a ticket?

What is it?

Look down!

Jointly hosted by Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and Xinghai Concert Hall, “Walk into Symphony and Meet in Concert Hall” has long been a well-known public education concert brand in China. Every year in March or April, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, one of the best symphony orchestras in China, and Guangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra give a performance in Xinghai Concert Hall, which is reputed as one of the concert halls with best natural sound in China. This series of concerts are mainly aimed at teenagers and students.

Since its launch in 2006, the event has attracted an average of about 15,000 visitors every year and has benefited nearly 200,000 young people. In recent years, the organizer has been expanding the audience circle and obtained a wide range of social benefits.

In this 14th year of the event “Walk into Symphony and Meet in Concert Hall”, the organizer arranges 7 free universal education concerts during the period from March 26th to May 5th, respectively performed by Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and Guangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra. Among them, the first six concerts are specially performed by Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, and Jing Huan, Permanent Conductor of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, holds the position of conductor and concert explainer.

Meanwhile, the series of universal education concerts will also benefit the “Xinghai Music Accompany Program”. “Xinghai Music Accompany Program” is jointly sponsored and hosted by Guangdong Xinghai Performing Arts Group, Xinghai Concert Hall, Southern Newspaper Media Group, and Guangdong Orphan Education Society. This pure public art project  targets  the children in need of help and care, and aims to provide an opportunity for children to get in touch with music, learn music and fall in love with music through concerts, music activities and music education, so as to accompany and help children to grow up and let the children experience “not lonely in the world of music”.

From this year, “Walk into Symphony and Meet in Concert Hall” will also open to “Xinghai Music Accompany Program”, so that more children can benefit from it.

Picture: Music Accompany Program is taking the children on a tour of the concert hall

Attend Guo Yazhi Music Salon and Concert

How to get a ticket?

Method 1: Leave a message at the end of the article

Leave a message at the end of this article before 16:00 on April 11th to tell Xiaojin why  you need a ticket? We will select 10 fans with the most heartfelt comments, and each of them will obtain 2 tickets for the concert!

Method 2: Add Xiaojin on WeChat

Add Xiaojin on WeChat (IFCxiaojin) before 16:00 on April 11th, and Xiaojin will tell you the participation method, We will choose 10 fans from the participants and give out 2 concert tickets for each one!

Where to collect your tickets.

Guangzhou International Financial Center M Floor Yue-Space Service Desk

Address: No. 5, Zhujiang West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (close to Zhujiang New Town Station of Metro Line 3/5)

* Tickets need to be collected at Guangzhou IFC. The time is 19:30 on Tuesday, April 23rd. Please arrange your time reasonably.

The message winning list will be announced on April 11th, 2019. Please pay attention to the WeChat news notice, and leave your contact information and real name on the date of the announcement, so that we can send out the tickets on time.

What’s on the concert?

OOver the past 13 years, a large number of classic words have been introduced to the youngsters in Guangzhou, through “Walk into Symphony and Meet in Concert Hall” Universal Concert. Thanks to the simple but profound explanation of the conductors, these masterpieces enable the audience to understand the subtlety of classical music and obtain the beauty enjoyment.

This year, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra has arranged a very rich program, which runs through various periods and schools during the development of classical music, and involves a variety of subjects such as ballet excerpts, symphonies, and concertos. see the program list following the article for details. If you are new at classical music, I believe you will have a comprehensive and concrete understanding to the appearance of classical music through this performance.

The concert is conducted by Jing Huan, Permanent Conductor of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra. She is also the Music Director of Guangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra (affiliated orchestra of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra). With her dedicated training, Guangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra has made great progress and gained fame.

As a stage fostering new kind of people, “Walk into Symphony and Meet in Concert Hall” Concert will invite a young talent on the stage, young violinist Zhang Runyin. He will serve as the soloist of Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major and Brahms Violin Concerto in D Major, and perform these two pieces in different music sessions. Zhang Runyin once performed with Pinchas Zukerman, Mischa Maisky and other internationally well-known masters, and participated in the formation of “Prism Trio” that won the golden prize of piano and string during the 9th Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music.

Who are they?

It means more work and investment for Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and Xinghai Concert Hall to devote time and resources to make the public benefit of free concerts every year, but two sponsors pay more attention to how to improve the comprehensive quality of the young generation and cultivate the cultural character of the city. To provide young people with the opportunity to receive the universal education of high art is to sow the seeds of art so as to plant trees for the benefit of posterity.

Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1957, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra has developed into one of the largest orchestras in China with the highest artistic standards and vitality. As the only Chinese orchestra that has left its “music footprint” on five continents so far, it is regarded by the domestic industry and media as “one of the most prestigious orchestras in China” (China Daily) and “a node connecting China’s music tradition and innovation” (UK Financial Times). Current Director of Music, Yu Long is one of the most outstanding Chinese conductors active in today’s international music world. The Orchestra has always paid attention to the improvement of its artistic taste and level. It is one of the professional orchestras in China to implement the mode of Music Season at the earliest time. 2018/2019 is the 22nd Music Season of the Orchestra.

Xinghai Concert Hall

Xinghai Concert Hall is one of the most influential performance venues in China. It is also one of the best professional music halls in China, and its first-class sound effect enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. Built in 1998, Xinghai Concert Hall is located on Ersha Island, an elegant environment surrounded by the Pearl River in Guangzhou. With the world-class architectural acoustics design and 20 years of careful cultivation, it has become an art palace gathering world famous artists and groups, and a cultural landmark leading the city music in China. Xinghai Concert Hall Annual Music Award, Guangzhou Jazz Festival, Walk into Symphony and Meet in Concert Hall, Afternoon Tea of Music on Sunday, Weekend Chinese Folk Music Workshop, Xinghai Club Popular Lectures and other kinds of concerts and art development activities get more citizens interested in music, make them understand music, and fall in love with music.

2019 “Walk into Symphony and Meet in Concert Hall”

Universal Concert

Sponsored by

Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Xinghai Concert Hall


April 22nd, 2019 (Monday) at 19:30

April 23rd, 2019 (Tuesday) at 19:30


Symphony Hall of Xinghai Concert Hall

Conducted/ Explained by

Jing Huan


Zhang Runyin

(Concerts 1-4)

Performed by

Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra

Main Repertoires


Divertimento In D, K.136, First Movement

(Concerts 1-4)

Léo Delibes

Galop Grand Finale, from a ballet Coppelia

(Concerts 5-6)

Leroy Andeson

Pling Plong

Léo Delibes

Peace, from a ballet Coppelia

Georges Bizet

Excerpts of Carmen Suite No.1 1) Intermezzo

2) Les Dragons d'alcala

Aaron Copland

Fanfare for the Common Man

Richard Hayman

Western Cowboy Festival

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major, K.219, First Movement

(Concert 1)

Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major, K.219, Third Movement

(Concert 2)

Violin: Zhang Runyin

Johannes Brahms

Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.77, First Movement

(Concert 3)

Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.77, Third Movement

(Concert 4)

Violin: Zhang Runyin

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Extracts of The Nutcracker suites

(Concert 5-6)

Antonin Dvorak

Symphony No.8 in G Major Op.88, Fourth Movement

*Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra reserves the right to change the programs and performers

*In order to ensure the order of the performance, children above 1 meter must enter with the ticket.

Children under 1m are not admitted

Thank you for your understanding!